Freewheel 2002
Saturday, June 8, 2002 I (Jackie Smith) embarked on my second OK Freewheel, a bicycle ride across the great state of Oklahoma. This year's ride was extra special for me due to the presence of these three Texans. There are a lot of pictures of these guys in addition to many pics of other fine folks I know through my bicycling adventures.
There are 175 images in this series. You can navigate from the links below or view them in sequence from each image page.

Day 0 - Bus ride from Tulsa to Snyder
Nickie on the bus Mark and the bus Rudy The Guardian
Barry and Sylvia Tom, Barry and Sylvia Day 0 riding partners Just in from Texas
The best riding pals  
Day 1 - Snyder to Elgin
Dan from Memphis Cash only Sharp kids Libby
Fellow Tulsans Truck seat Looking at what? Feed me!
A good sign Swapping tips How's yer butt? Who is this?
A tough hill Used to be... Waiting... Also waiting...
No pedals?!? We got in! Beware More waiting
Fine folks  
Day 2 - Elgin to Hinton
A fine breakfast More munchers On the road HUH?!?!
A biking legend A swell town Friends Relaxing
Missing a wheel Gimme HILLS!!! Taking a dip Thinking about it...
A discussion My friend, Jenny Jenny again The Red Bud
Ace mechanic  
Day 3 - Hinton to Kingfisher
At breakfast The Mother Road The Crossroads Girl Scouts
Treasures Betty Calumet A poser
Water! Fruit! Famous bar Bar patrons
More patrons The Texans A big picture On the bench
I'm in this one  
Day 4 - Kingfisher to Perkins
Hot Stuff Pizza! Tulsans Another cemetery stop Cemetery Girl Scouts
Fellow bikists A charming waitress Dean and puppy Girl and puppy
Outdoor theater  
Day 5 - Perkins to Pawnee
In the hall Safety pays Deli Town scene
Again One more Mr. Bags Chilly!
The Preacher Tom bagged Bagged Texans Jack
FW Safety Director Pretty ladies More baggers Snoozer 1
Snoozer 2 Snoozer 3 Our protectors Happy bikers
In Pawnee Available real estate The truck Library
Courthouse Sign the guest book Gimme a break! Who cares if it rains?
Hidden talent Spotted Pony In the Mint bar Happiness is...
Tom comes alive! No escape A sandwich Where is everyone?
What a smile! More talent Smooth moves And that's how it's done
You've got it! Royce and Libby  
Day 6 - Pawnee to Ponca City
Heading out again Fine dining The Masseys The mountain bike
Watching the sights Cosmo The bank Nice interior
A teller is back there Too bad it was closed A nap On the rail
Me in another pic Kaw City rest stop Friendly service Ponca City baggage lot
G thru K Jack in I thru U L thru R Nice awning
A sweet puppy Pleeeeze, gimme some! A fine fellow Super hosts
Day 7 - Ponca City to New Haven, KS
Best buds Nice barn, nice van Fine babes The Cornerstone
God Bless America Waiting for pancakes Hitting the road Water... cookies... RELIEF!
A Saint The rig In Blackwell Found some shade
In Brahman Turn North here Pretty flowers David arrives
Kansas! David and me We draw a crowd Bike at the finish
Me too A fine staff A smiling face Tina
A proud hubby The drawing A special hat Tom still working
Moni Three friends The way home A swell doggie
Showcase home The fine folks Farewell