Some Useful Music Info

This is a collection of music related content including PDFs, MP3s and links.
There are some documents I used when conducting guitar workshops for the
Oklahoma City Traditional Music Association many years ago. This was done back when cut and paste really meant cutting out snippets of a document, pasting it to the paper and making copies on a real copy machine. The text was printed on a dot matrix printer. Some of us may remember these.

Blackbird m4a     Blackbird mp3 The Beatles White Album
Norwegian Wood mp3 The Beatles Rubber Soul Album
Music Theory A document I created with a friend for a workshop
Tuning the Guitar A pair of documents about tuning
Fingerboard Chart This chart shows the notes on the guitar and their position on the staff
Chord Construction Chart A chart that shows how chords are constructed
3 Note Chords 3 note chords from Mike at the Bike Shop Jams
Jazz Handbook Jamey Aebersold Amazing FREE Jazz Handbook
Sing Sing Sing MP3 11.5 meg Benny Goodman And His Orchestra at Carengie Hall 1938
One of the greatest recordings ever made!
Travis Picking A diagram drawn by Tirk Wilder that teaches the Merle Travis style
My Old Timey Baby A cool Dan Hicks song