Dixie and Friends

This sad looking group is always happy and smiling when we are busy murdering songs during our weekly gathering at my house. Nothing is taken too seriously and we have invited others... some even came back, but not many.
We are: Dixie Michell, Jackie Smith and Tom Brown
Below is a sample of a few faves. Here is a list of some of our songs and tunes.
Recently we have been jamming on Monday evenings at Tom's new bike shop on Cherry Street... 1506 E 15th Street. We start around 6:30 and usually go until about 9:00. Seating is limited so it would help if you could bring your favorite picking chair.

Lover's Waltz   5.62 meg
All of Me Dixie 5.62 meg
Stardust Dixie 1.96 meg
Dallas Rag All skate 1.62 meg
Lovesick Blues Tom doing the singing here 2.45 meg
Waltzing Around With My Shadow   Chart Dixie vocal and guitar 2.95 meg
Full Catastrophe Waltz   Chart Dixie on the mando... Jackie, guitar 2.5 meg
That Sultry Waltz   Chart The Reckless Ramblers 3.7 meg